The UFF Omni-Chat Quote Thread

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Re: The UFF Omni-Chat Quote Thread

Post by Deadliar »

Omega Fuck Triple

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Re: The UFF Omni-Chat Quote Thread

Post by ShadowSpectre »

As the sun sets, setting vacant clouds ablaze, tired watchmen grudgingly climb to their posts to watch for intruders. The town of Merton, surrounded by mountains and accessible only by the narrow road going through it and across said mountains, grows quiet. Most inhabitants prepare for a night's rest. A portion though, desiring more excitement in their lives, can be found at the Black Turtle - the local pub and inn. Two merchants are brawling in a corner. Locals and visitors are yelling in semi-serious drunken tones. The barkeep watches and smiles. For him, this is a very profitable night.

Seated at a grand table, but alone so far, is Aziz. He steadily sips at his third...or was it fourth glass of ale and considers going for wine. This is when he is joined by another man, who clumsily hauls his mug and slumps upon the neighouring chair.

Said man has a most intriguing and intimidating appearance, with not a scrap of skin visible. They're covered from head to toe in green leather and plated armour, and even going so far as to conceal their lower face with a grotesque mask. To top it off, a rice hat rests on their head, making yellow eyes and a glimpse of silver hair their only visible features.

They place the mug of ale down on the table and give a cursory glance from side to side, then lean in towards Aziz, whispering, "... Hey buddy, I heard you were a farmer."

Their voice is neither warm nor cold, and neither high nor deep; it's hard to distinguish if there is any deeper meaning to their words.

Aziz finishes off his ale and gives the man a look. "Yeah I'm a farmer. Just yesterday I cultivated your mother." He replies with a hearty and mocking laugh.
[7:37 PM] Spriter: DAMN SON
[7:37 PM] Flan: jesus christ
[7:37 PM] Flan: now I can't even tell my joke
[7:38 PM] Deadliar: rekt so hard
The armoured man slams their fist onto the table, shaking the half-finished pint of ale. "Mate," he says, in the same tone as before, "I will fuck you up."

Aziz acts out a wise smile."One must question his sought goal, and avoid delusions."
after a break of few seconds, he continues. "You think you seek to fuck me up. But really, you might be seeking to get fucked!"

Aziz 's face contorts like slime in a wide grin.

A few of the surrounding customers hear this and cheer.
[7:41 PM] Flan: now I need to think of a witty comeback
[7:41 PM] Flan: fuck
[7:41 PM] Flan: shit
[7:41 PM] Flan: uuuh
[7:42 PM] Flan: 5 hours later
[7:43 PM] Spriter: dude can you move it along
[7:43 PM] Spriter: i'm all out of time cards
[7:44 PM] Flan: i cant think of a good insult fuck

Snorting, the man responds with a tinge of anger, "Projecting your own desires onto others, when a woman would sooner fuck the swine on your lands than someone with a face like yours?"

Aziz slams his fists upon the table. "How dare you!" flames rise in his eyes. A moment later he clumsily signals for two drinks. "You wanna fight me, lad?"

Aziz: "Let's booze."

Fire blazes in the eyes of the man. In a single motion, he pulls his mug of ale from the table and finishes it off in one swig, slamming it back onto the table after.

"You're on, pigface."

The bartender himself, loving these "fights" , cheers. The bar quiets down in noise and unifies with his cheer in moments. Drinks are served with more waiting.

Aziz grabs both his new mug and the man's , instantly emptying them both in the slyest of grins. "Pretty sure you're down, boogyboy."
[8:08 PM] Flan: perfect
[8:09 PM] Flan: holy shit
[8:10 PM] Flan: jesus christ
[8:10 PM] ShadowSpectre: mmx 3: flan 0
[8:11 PM] Spriter: mmx is fucking destroying flan
[8:11 PM] Spriter: i love this
[8:11 PM] Flan: this
[8:11 PM] Flan: yeah
[8:11 PM] Flan: he really is

The man says nothing, one of his hands clenching into a fist in anger. After a few moments of respite, he signals for three drinks, then changes to four quickly after.

Aziz winks to the bartender, he quickly runs off with a smile on his face.

He shortly returns with a small barrel and places it before Aziz, who clasps his hands.

Aziz: "You're up first." Aziz simply says, stretching syllables.

The crowd is going wild.

The bartender returns with a set of four drinks, as requested. The moment they hit the table, Aziz is already feasting upon the barrel with surprising elegance.

Aziz puts down the barrel and passes it to the man.

Aziz: "You're up" He says.

Yin closes their eyes for a second, calming himself with the thought that Aziz' slurred speech and clumsy actions are a sign of his soon-to-be intoxication, then downing the four drinks in the same time it took Aziz to down two.

Aziz is staring at the man expectantly.

The man takes the barrel, but wary of Aziz' antics takes a peek inside first. The fucker might have downed the whole lot.

A single drop shimmers within.
[8:12 PM] Flan: 20:10 - Flan: The bartender himself, loving these "fights" , cheers. The bar quiets down in noise and unifies with his cheer in moments. Drinks are served with more waiting.

Aziz grabs both his new mug and the man's , instantly emptying them both in the slyest of grins. "Pretty sure you're down, boogyboy."
20:11 - PureQuestion: is that mmx
20:11 - Flan: mmx is aziz
20:11 - PureQuestion: i refuse to believe
20:11 - PureQuestion: mmx isn't supposed to be able to type
[8:12 PM] Spriter: BELIEVE IT
[8:13 PM] Flan: OH MY GOD
[8:13 PM] Flan: oh man
[8:13 PM] Spriter: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[8:13 PM] ShadowSpectre: mmx: 4, flan 0

Yin instantly tosses the near empty barrel at Aziz with full force.

The crowd gathers around Aziz, who is barely sitting by now. One of the crowd who leaned far too much on the table is hit by the barrel.

The crowd rises up and grabs the strange man roughly at this.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" people shout angrily.

Aziz gives the man a mean look. "Quite dishonourable..." He stutters.
People begin punching them in the face.

The barman is trying to calm the mob, but to no avail.

Aziz slithers down below the table, a grin still on his face. Experience has taught him this is the best course of action.

A massive armoured figure suddenly slams a spearlike weapon into the ground through the table, resulting in a massive smashing crack.

The crowd is silence. The armoured figure appeared out of nowhere; the barman is terrified but holding his breath in anticipation.

"Right," the deep, echoey voice from within the helmet rasps. "Put the stupid shit down."

Aziz immediately gets up from beneath the table, his grin gone.

Yin pushes their way through the brawling mob, brushing off any blows that come his way. He completely ignores the armoured figure as he heads for the exit, not in the mood to deal with any more shit right now.

Aziz glances at the man. Then at the escaping Yin. Then at the armored man again. With a wink to the bartender he laso heads for the exit...barely walking however.

Malakai the Glaive removes the weapon from the ground and nods at the barman, returning to his corner. The crowd is at a loss for what to do.

It takes around thirty seconds for someone to realize Aziz is outside of the bar. The crowd begins rushing to the exit to see what the trickster will do next.

No fights break out, as if they were a single body.

Outside of the bar, Aziz yells at Yin. "Hey buddy! Catch" Before throwing a shimmering object at him. Aside from slightly sloppy drunken aim, it is not a violent throw and the object slowly heads for Yin.

Yin doesn't seem to move in any way, but the object halts in midair before their body and pivots round to their front, allowing the man to inspect the object.

It is a salt shaker.
[8:32 PM] Flan: YOU
[8:32 PM] Flan: MOTHER
[8:32 PM] Flan: FUCKER
Out for lunch. Return uncertain.

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Re: The UFF Omni-Chat Quote Thread

Post by Aquamancia »

that right there is something wonderful
i'm glad this thread still exists for things like this
Fraxy Creations and Mirrors
Creations Thread

Just as Japlanned.

i was such a jerk on here

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Re: The UFF Omni-Chat Quote Thread

Post by Comfromal »

"It drains energy and gives heat."
"Well, that sounds wrong."
"Was there no better place to put the tripod?"

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Re: The UFF Omni-Chat Quote Thread

Post by Deadliar »

Deadliar - Today at 1:51 AM
hyped for refrax final release.
Aquamancia - Today at 1:51 AM
my body is more than ready
Deadliar - Today at 1:51 AM
i'm just sad that everyone is going to play that guy that can summon his own boss
people ruin everything
Aquamancia - Today at 1:52 AM
people are gonna say that dude's op from day 1
Deadliar - Today at 1:52 AM
then the nerfs hit
"its just a huge hitbox now wtf"
people are gonna move on to the melee guy
then i will lose my niche
it always happens
DrThunderous - Today at 1:53 AM
and the craziest update of all...
when you turn paste it won't look like shit!!!
Deadliar - Today at 1:54 AM
Deadliar - Today at 1:58 AM
refrax characters for those not in beta
shmup - incredible power but dies in one hit
sentinel - blocks bullets with shields and barriers, slow attacks
overtaker - absorbs powers of bosses, capped
eliminator - fast, powerful, can phase through bullets with a dash, melee only
rebel - summons own boss, otherwise limited to pea shooter
Aquamancia - Today at 2:00 AM
and then comes the mmo, galaxy of fraxycraft
Deadliar - Today at 2:00 AM
everyone will still play rebel
casual scum
Aquamancia - Today at 2:01 AM
well yeah, rebel is way too good
DrThunderous - Today at 2:01 AM
you forgot about the super extremely powerful character that is so slow to a point that its unusable
Deadliar - Today at 2:01 AM
thats the sentinel
he gets a comeback in fraxycraft though
shields allies
Aquamancia - Today at 2:01 AM
shame sentinel will never get the buff it needs
Deadliar - Today at 2:01 AM
becomes a must in all raids
Aquamancia - Today at 2:02 AM
he's very good against the hibachis in that one raid
i swear it was designed for sentinels in mind
Deadliar - Today at 2:02 AM
all this talk of sentinels
but no one mentions the cocky eliminator players
they always get too close
and boom
DrThunderous - Today at 2:03 AM
but the only thing is thats the only point where its useful
Aquamancia - Today at 2:03 AM
eliminator has the best DPS if the person playing knows what they're doing
Deadliar - Today at 2:03 AM
no one ever does though
>ill just get close to this boss for dps
>boss fires attack
>either dash into boss or die or dash away, literally phasing right into the bullets
saw it so many times
DrThunderous - Today at 2:04 AM
you also forgot about the character type that is rewarded for doing stupid things
Aquamancia - Today at 2:04 AM
yeah it's so dumb
DrThunderous - Today at 2:04 AM
like getting close to enemy bullets
dangerously close
it draws power from them
Aquamancia - Today at 2:04 AM
overtaker is love and life
Deadliar - Today at 2:04 AM
that was only in closed beta
it was removed because of toxic plays
some people still enable the juicer in private games though
"juicer/shmup only raid runs join now"
ah, the good days
Aquamancia - Today at 2:06 AM
maining shmup is all I do now
Deadliar - Today at 2:06 AM
oh man that reminds me of the best boss in fraxycraft
you fight it for several minutes and then it just instakills everything with a giant laser
Aquamancia - Today at 2:07 AM
nastiest DPS race, I swear
DrThunderous - Today at 2:07 AM
i thought fraxycraft wasnt released
Deadliar - Today at 2:07 AM
man aqua
even eliminator can take a hit
DrThunderous - Today at 2:07 AM
how did you get a leaked copy???
Deadliar - Today at 2:07 AM
going shmup is overrated
its currently in open beta drt
Aquamancia - Today at 2:07 AM
i'm a tryhard, dont judge
Deadliar - Today at 2:07 AM
rebel vs shmup 1v1 lets go
Aquamancia - Today at 2:08 AM
o ur on now m80
Rumia - Today at 2:08 AM
reads up
Wait wut
Deadliar - Today at 2:09 AM
when i saw the rebel nerfs i was also very upset
he's still ok if you know your stuff though
Aquamancia - Today at 2:09 AM
rebel nerf was a bad day
Deadliar - Today at 2:09 AM
idk. Sure he lost that base power, but if you do everything right he's actually better than before.
Aquamancia - Today at 2:10 AM
huh, might have to try him out again
DrThunderous - Today at 2:10 AM
well yea because people would go into the editor and make boss summons that were borderline unbeatable
Deadliar - Today at 2:10 AM
The key is to prepare at least two attacks in advance
they combo together remember
most players are used to old rebel and just spam
drt what, enough with the closed beta stuff
Aquamancia - Today at 2:10 AM
maybe i can solo reactor-00 revenge part 2 if I make this rebel setup right
Deadliar - Today at 2:10 AM
don't you know that all bosses have to be approved
DrThunderous - Today at 2:11 AM
people find ways to cheat the system
Deadliar - Today at 2:11 AM
it can also be incredibly funny
DrThunderous - Today at 2:11 AM
they hide parts so that the boss appears balanced and easily killed
Deadliar - Today at 2:11 AM
like restricting a class entirely
i once played a boss that would fire off undodgable homing lasers....
DrThunderous - Today at 2:12 AM
but then it brings out some bullshit rolling panel attack thats undodgeable
Deadliar - Today at 2:12 AM
only at rebels
it was a good laugh
six people entering, rebels get fucked and only two left
feels gud
Have you heard about the upcoming eliminator buff
they're gonna give him energy waves or something
Aquamancia - Today at 2:13 AM
well at least they'll have a ranged attack now :x
DrThunderous - Today at 2:14 AM
doesnt that sort of throw off the balance
"this character is all about close range but hes long range now!!"
Deadliar - Today at 2:14 AM
update notes say
-Eliminator can now charge his blade, it deals low damage but if it hits he can teleport to the hit enemy.
I can already see the people porting straight into attacks, dammit.
its funny because overtaker can teleport around as much as he wants if he absorbs the right boss
DrThunderous - Today at 2:16 AM
reminds me of when people hacked that one op char into ranked matches
the one thats supposed to be private/unranked exclusive
Deadliar - Today at 2:16 AM
the juicer or
DrThunderous - Today at 2:17 AM
no it was different
it was like the "corrupter" or something
or maybe not
i'm fairly sure it started with a c
Deadliar - Today at 2:18 AM
I heard about this, its the one that could turn minor bosses into allies for a while
is that it
DrThunderous - Today at 2:19 AM
uh i think
it had something to do with stealing boss enemies instantly
Deadliar - Today at 2:19 AM
aqua help us out here
DrThunderous - Today at 2:20 AM
there was hardly a method to beat it
you essentially had to hope your opponent fucked up
and gave you a way to kill him
Deadliar - Today at 2:20 AM
you could just play the rebel though
fight fire with fire
it actually counts the rebel's summon as a boss enemy
in that case, holy shit
DrThunderous - Today at 2:21 AM
couldnt he steal rebel bosses too?
i think it took longer but he could
Deadliar - Today at 2:21 AM
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Re: The UFF Omni-Chat Quote Thread

Post by Flan »

Dabir - Today at 20:18
Dad BotBOT - Today at 20:18
sent to dm!
Dabir - Today at 20:19
d!embarrass @Flan(edited)
d!embarrass @Flan
Dad BotBOT - Today at 20:19
In order to use this command you must give DadBot permission to manage webhooks
Dabir - Today at 20:19
d!embarrass @Flan
DabirBOT - Today at 20:19
I spam d!embarrass because I am very narcissistic and want to see my face on a bot
Dabir - Today at 20:19
shut up
d!embarrass Flan
DabirBOT - Today at 20:19
I genuinely like the nutshack
Rune Mistress - Today at 20:20
Dabir - Today at 20:20
i'm trying to get it to work you shit-ass bot
Dad BotBOT - Today at 20:20
Hi trying to get it to work you shit-ass bot, I'm Dad!
Dabir - Today at 20:20
oh my god
Rune Mistress - Today at 20:20

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