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News Entry Happy Birthday Ebo

It's notable forums user Eboshidori's birthday today, and DrThunderous decided to give him a special treat:

Yep, that's a birthday cake made in Fraxy. Dr T, you're a helluva guy.


News Entry NnoVVember

What's that? You read the front page? Good for you! As a special reward, have some news about LEGO.

Why LEGO? Because every year the LEGO community holds a little something called NoVVember, and the VV stands for - wait for it - Vic Viper! LEGO designers all around the world take the time this month to build their own variations on the Vic Viper design. It's pretty open-ended; all you need is two wings, one tailfin and of course the all-important prongs. Notable forums user Zaxmillian has been going through the metric ton of inspired creations, and picking what he considers the best one submitted on each day of the month, with a little input from other users.

NoVVember's over now, but if you want to check out what he liked, head on over to the two Flickr albums, or check out the thread.


News Entry New Forum Management and Updated Versions Page

We have some new staff at the forum and the versions page has been updated for the first time in two years.


News Entry Still Active

We haven't posted an update in a long time so I'm writing this to just say that we are still alive and well.
Please sign up for the forums if you haven't already.


News Entry Page Update and New Fraxy Version

The style of the Fraxy Versions page has been updated. The archives are now laid out in a neat table.
A new Fraxy version has also been released. Fraxy Beta 20100822 is out! Download it here.


News Entry Wiki Link

A link to the Fraxy Compendium Redux Wiki has been added to the site.


News Entry BotM - May & June 2010

The Boss of the Month for May & June has been chosen.
Click here to find out who it is.


News Entry Boss Uploader Update

The list of Bosses in the Boss Uploader can now be ordered by name, date, and author.
Just click on the title of one of the columns to order it by that.


News Entry BotM - March 2010

The Boss of the Month for March has been chosen.
Click here to find out who it is.


News Entry New Fraxy Version

Fraxy Beta 2010319 has been released.
Click here to download it.


News Entry BotM - February 2010

The Boss of the Month for February has been chosen.
Click here to find out who it is.


News Entry Fraxy Versions Page

There is a new page on the site that has downloads of all the Fraxy Versions. It also has some other stuff (like the Fraxy LangTool). On the page it also has the original fraxy site translated to English.


News Entry Boss Uploader Re-Styled

The Boss Uploader has been restyled to fit with the rest of the site. It looks much better now.


News Entry Main Page Created

Today the main page was created. It is based off the AcidTech theme on the forum. I will post updates on the site here and other news.



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