GunBird: Who's Who?

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GunBird: Who's Who?

Post by Miner »

OK everyone, in this game you just have to use the clues provided to come up with answers for this GunBird series-themed Guess Who game! You get two Bombers, or hints in this case. Use them wisely. Ready? OK...
1. The antagonists in both GunBird games.
Bonus: In addition to their team names, see if you can name the team members as well!
2. The girl magician and bunny duo who make an appearance in both games.
3. The final bosses in both games.
4. Two robots from separate games with names that start with V.
5. The character only available in the DreamCast version of GunBird 2.
Hint: Darkstalkers.
6. The vampire from GB2 that is way cooler than any of the vampires or characters in general from the Twilight saga (I DESPISE TWILIGHT).
7. This character crosses over into the GunBird universe from Sengoku Ace/Sengoku Blade to make an appearance in the second game.
8. In a GB1 2P ending, this character was denied his own separate game by Psikyo. Would have teamed up with a robot from the same game and had an android assistant as well.
9. The name of the company that watered down the first game, added in unrelated title screen and box art, and renamed it Mobile Light Force for its release outside of Japan.
10. The daughter of the character from question 8. Appeared in GunBird 2.
So yeah, you're gonna need to have played a lot of GunBird to know the answers to some of these, while others are a bit simpler to figure out. Also, I'm sure you weren't expecting this, eh? But I do like Psikyo's shmups quite a bit, so...yeah.
See how many of these you can answer without hints! Good luck!
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Re: GunBird: Who's Who?

Post by Deadliar »

It isn't a CAVE game.

You aren't that bad, I guess.

Too bad the answer to all of these questions is Burger King.

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