Yuyuko of the Netherworld [冥府の幽々子] (Platformer game)

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Yuyuko of the Netherworld - Alpha 2

Post by Evil_Nazgul0616 »

There's a playable version now. (which is mostly the reason why I haven't been making any Fraxy projects for the last few days.)

Yuyuko of the Netherworld - Alpha 2

Current features:
-Nearly all of the first 3 stages (the only things missing are the boss fights, since I don't have a spriter.)
-Miniboss encounters, (The same miniboss is used as a placeholder in all stages except stage 3, which has it's own unique miniboss.)
-A Variety of enemies, some unique to specific stages.
-The first room is a "Tutorial room" that visually shows all the controls.

Controls: (all but "Start" are listed in-game in the tutorial room)
Start - Enter
Movement - Arrow Keys
Jump - Z
Fly - Z repeatedly in midair
Inhale - X
Shoot - C
Quit - Esc

More details here.

Moar Video:
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