Madoka Magika Fan-manga project of mine

Show us graphics, music and writing that you've done, whether you're putting it in Fraxy or not.
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Re: Madoka Magika Fan-manga project of mine

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I dunno if he will or not Hyphen, but maybe he might. Why don't you ask him yourself then, Hyphen, for if he does or does not?

Also another little thing I'd like to mention about this.

Recently I've been watching a lot more animated videos and shows that have rather out of the ordinary art styles so that I can get more ideas for custom Witches and Witch Barriers, and so I know what would be good unique art styles for them. They've been rather helpful in some of the designs of other stuff that will be in this too. I'm also starting to appreciate those abstract-y surrealistic designs more, now that I've been viewing them more often lately.

Some of the videos I've been watching that have out of the ordinary art styles include some of these old Russian-made animated videos. I can't really name them since the titles weren't in English and I dunno what they said, but they were inspirational for custom Witch Barrier designs for me, and had rather abnormal art styles to them as well. I've also been watching more of David Firth's videos, which also have these sorts of out of the ordinary art styles to them as well. There's others I've been watching that use these sorts of styles too, but there's too many to list. They have been rather inspirational for me lately though, More than I thought they would. I've gotten some more ideas for stuff to probably add or change in it too as a result.

I thought that I'd mention this little thing that I'm doing to try and give me ideas and inspiration on how to make this Fan-Manga project better. Maybe some of you would find this to be interesting as well.
I would like to ask a favor from for anyone who is my friend here.
If someday we meet in person in the near future, and I had recently done anything that would confirm that I had become a Brony (which as of now I am not one), such as if I had posted on a Pony-related fan-site, drawn a Pony-themed artwork, contributed to a Pony fanfic, or anything else along those lines. If I have done anything like that, I want you to punch me in the face without warning. This make sound like I'm joking, but I am absolutely serious about this. Ignore any future statements retracting this if I ever make any. Though if you do, please first confirm that it is me who is doing it, and not some Brony who is posing as me and wants to see me get punched. I do not wish to go down the path of the Bronies, and hopefully those of you reading this will help me so that it stays that way, if god forbid I ever even attempt it.
Thank you.


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Re: Madoka Magika Fan-manga project of mine

Post by Dabir »

OK, know what? This stops. Right now.

If you want to skip the rant and get right to the consequences, just take a look down until you see red. I am kinda mad.

Meta, I'm going to explain a few things to you. After that, we're done here.

Oh, you thought I was serious about skipping to the consequences? Fuck you, read the rant.


Offhand, I can think of one - one! - person here who regularly responds to you and knows what Madoka is. That's Alex, and he's very, very angry about it. Whenever you post something, Alex gets completely fucking furious at it. And it's not just because it's you posting it, although I imagine that he has an idea of what to expect from you. It's because he knows what he's talking about, and everything you post seems to him to be not just a total misunderstanding of what the series is about and the underlying themes, but a blatant slap in the face of an anime/manga/whatever that he seems to love. It's like writing a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfiction and thinking that NGE's about "GIANT ROBOTS ARE SO COOL!!!". Nobody else here knows or cares what you're talking about and comparing things to. A more appropriate place for it would be a Madoka fan forum; I'm mystified as to what it's doing here. Aside from festering.


Everything you've posted in this thread, 100% of your content, is objectively awful. It's drivel, devoid of quality, cliche-ridden, committing all the worst sins of fanfiction, and sometimes outright fucking creepy (independent severed limbs played for laughs, Jesus Christ). And I'm sure you could comb through the thread and find a bit that someone said they kinda liked. Well fuck you, that's not enough. Your shit's bad and you should feel bad.

And fuck, you don't even seem to know what the hell it is you're doing. You call it a fan-manga, but I've seen no evidence of anything beyond some doodles and a few ideas about what the story might be, and you're hell-fucking-bent on describing every last tiny little thing in video game terms, so what the fuck is it? Don't tell me, I don't care. I'll tell you what it is: it's gone.


Are you even aware of what the point of showing off a work in progress is? Either you want our money or you want our criticism, and ain't nobody going to give you money around here so you must want criticism. One problem with that: You suck at being criticised. You have been told time and again - by much better writers than you - that your 'jokes' are awful, that your 'character' is a mass of cliches, ripoffs and bullshit, that your writing is not just bad but outright offensive to the people who put care and attention into writing the anime that you have so thoroughly shit on. Yet you only seem to respond in two ways: Either you just assert that whoever's disagreeing with you is wrong, or worse: you just throw in more fucking examples, devoid of context, and claim that somehow they prove your point. In fact, you refuse to apply any context at all; you once saw those stupid fucking disembodied Touhou heads that everyone seems to think is cute, so you decide that all severed limbs are cute no matter what. You once heard someone say they like something that has some similarities with this cognitive abortion here, so obviously they should love your manga. No, no and fuck you.


If you want to discuss things that have their own thread, discuss them in their own thread. The Shoutbox is for conversations, for people to drop in and say hi and just chat. If long, in-depth discussions develop there, they did so as a consequence of the natural flow of conversation.

Then you turn up. What you do in the Shoutbox isn't chatting, it's delivering infodumps. More importantly, this verbal diarrhoea isn't just about something nobody cares about, it's about something that has its own thread! The whole point of having a thread for this shit is that it stays out of the Shoutbox and people who don't care can ignore it! You're walking into people's conversations and delivering a lecture, clogging up the relatively small window and making it unnecessarily hard for anyone else's text to be seen. If you have something you really want to talk a lot about, find the thread it's supposed to go in. If there isn't an appropriate thread, make one. I suggest you start by making a thread for all the cute crap you spew at us on a daily basis; put it there so we can ignore it. Link it in the SB if you must, but no more shitting on it with buckets of text. That applies to everyone, but you're the worst offender.


1. This thread is locked. If I see any discussion on the topic of this fan-whatever again, whoever started it gets a week ban. That means no new threads and DEFINITELY nothing in the Shoutbox. Take it to a forum that cares.

2. If I see Meta so much as mention the WORD "Madoka", he's banned for a week. Second offence gets a month, third offence is permanent because frankly, I'm just sick of it. He has proven there is nothing useful he can contribute on the subject, and any attempt to do so just enrages other people.

3. Effective immediately, shitting up the SB is a one-day banning offence. No more massive link dumps, no more going on at length about something nobody cares about. If it's that important, make a thread for it so we can have some damn activity on record around here.

4. None of the above is up for discussion. If Alex disagrees with any of it, he's free to do what he wants with it. If anyone, ESPECIALLY Meta, complains, don't be surprised if you suddenly can't post. You have been warned.

Note that I say *I*. Alex and the mods may or may not want to go along with this, so maybe if I'm not around you can get away with it. I wouldn't bet on it, though.

People seem to think your bosses are good, Meta. Now, I personally don't give a fuck, but apparently this is some kind of Fraxy board, which means you're a valuable contributor. On the other hand, you're the single worst thing on the forum. This is your last chance. Fuck up again and you're gone.

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