XCOM: UFF Defence

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:00 pm

I'm going to do what I can to fast-track this playthrough to its conclusion now. We're in the late game and we have almost everything we could need to do the final missions.

Time to readjust to reality. I perhaps had too much knowledge of the occurrence of the base defence mission to truly be able to say I handled it properly; swapping Alex to Titan armour over Archangel, removing Pure's Arc Thrower and so on. At any rate, it's not a bad thing to have some degree of knowledge gained by reading around your subject. I just happened to have a lot of it.

I also have a new medal to award. The Star of Terra is a unique medal given to me for defending the base from the aliens. The name's one used in several different settings; Mass Effect has one, for example.

The two powers it bestows are very much group boosts, but one is definitely more blanket than the other. The experience power is excellent for training; Pure would be brilliant, with his not-quite kills. However, the other power is defence and will boosting, an excellent pair of traits. This will be the power I assign to this award. Also, sorry for the difference in size; I missed the screenshot, so I'm using an image I found on Google of the same screen.

I'm not so sure what to rename it, however. For the moment, I'll go with this, but I am willing to take suggestions on this; I will award it next post.

Our next order of business is to start testing subjects for psychic abilties. There is a correlation but not a guarantee that subjects with higher Will stats are psychic. It takes ten full days to test a subject, so we should be careful with whom we test.

I'm going to try and get the more experienced soldiers in first to try and limit the amount of time we're without our important troops.

Pure goes in. He also misses Christmas. Garo gets all his presents.

Another Firestorm has been completed somehow. The base recovered from the damage really quite quickly.

All countries now have a minimum of two Firestorms. We're set.

I'm going to be giving the secondary Firestorms EMP Cannons. There is a slightly higher chance of recovering nondamaged equipment from UFOs crashed splashed with this weapon.

Oh my God. Fucking doing it.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! And Seekers basically don't turn up again!

The Hyperwave Uplink is complete. It won't actually do very much for a few days, but when it does...

This gives us our final few objectives before the last mission. I'm going to end this post here and keep it brief. We'll get on point next time.

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:32 pm

In the nature of completing this as fast as possible, I'll be making several short updates.

You might be a little surprised to hear that we're actually going to let this UFO slide. Yeah, it's the Overseer, but it'll come back again and again. We can use this as down time to reassess strategies.

Seeing as I'm fast-tracking all the way, I'm going to be looking into research.

Capturing an Ethereal is the best occurrence for the research team because we can extract information about everything from them; I hope to be able to do that, but it's not necessary at this point. If I don't, it isn't a problem.

We've just completed the Advanced Construction project, meaning the last facility to be constructed should be possible in half the time.

Oh my. I think we have a winner.

Well. Pure is our saviour.

It's important to note that he isn't unique; we can have any number of psychics on our team at once, and we will probably benefit from testing more people. I'll be putting them in soon.

However, this doesn't make them any less important. Psychic soldiers are key to the game's plot; obviously, as aliens are psychic, discovering that we, too, have that capacity is a massive step forwards in combattting them. They're so important that they have a little symbol next to their name when they have psychic ability points to spend and their little class cymbol changes to suit their new powers.

All psychic soldiers receive an additional option in their menu for their psychic abilities, making the list seem incredibly dense; I think there should have been a better way of doing this, it looks a little uncomfortable.

Similar to standard abilities, the first one is set; Mindfray is a basic 5-damage ability that inflicts penalties against the target's aim, will and mobility. The best part is that it doesn't rely on the user's aim, only the will stat. The chance to hit is a simple chance based on the difference between the stats of the two involved. As a result it's amazing when there's cover in the way. Sure, it's not the world's greatest damage, but it's effective as an alternative to Suppression. Indeed, at lower difficulties, you can completely forgo Suppression against organic enemies in favour of Mindfray.

Notably, however, it doesn't affect robots; AI don't have psychic abilities because that's a massive crapshoot because we're anthrocentric.

I'm going to put SK into the tanks to test him. That'll take another ten days, in which I hope to be able to use Pure in the field.

The Council notes we let a UFO go. Whatever. Happy New Year.

Within moments the Overseer turns up. Let's get 'em.

Firestorm with a Fusion Lance. Literally unbeatable.

Take note of the new information we have; the Hyperwave Uplink has transformed our interception capabilities into one where we can genuinely control the battle. We know what's there, we know the numbers, we know the type of map. It's a sure sell.

Squad ready. I've decided to start using Chitin plating a lot more. It's excellent stuff, adds four HP and halves melee damage.

There's a joke in there somewhere, but I can't find it.

There are loads of high ranking troops on this map, as you saw from the Hyperwave Uplink.

Mindfray looks like this in the field. Also note how many goddamn abilities Pure has. Literally run out of hotkeys.

The discussion screen doesn't add anything new.

It is one of the coolest things to flit across the battlefield, though. Doesn't appear to do much at first; just a measly five damage.

However, the next turn gives us some insight into what's going on. Take a look at that penalty. Pure's mindraped that poor alien.

Mindfray and the psychic abilities have a short cooldown to prevent them from being an alternative to pistols. However, they're still short enough to be staple. It's a fine balance for your needs.

I'm moving Alex up to support Pure's squad. Dabir and MMX are rough and ready to deal with anyone over there.

Oh man. That's a corridor of death if ever I saw one. Sectopod inside the UFO.

Dabir mans up.

He misses, alerting the Ethereal to his unmistakeable presence.

The item in the middle is a plot device: you'll see what it is later on.

This Ethereal made a remarkable mistake in trying to close the distance to MMX.


It'll be hard moving up properly, but we have to.

MMX lucks out against the Sectopod.

That's not all that terrible.

Slammed for a fair bit of damage.

I'm putting Dabir here as a bulwark against the Ethereal in case it tries to attack MMX who is going to take a beating as it is.

Dabir can still take a shot at the Sectopod in an attempt to lower its efficacy.

Next turn, it hits Dabir for a huge amount of damage.

Dabir's reaction is lacking.

MMX takes a slamming.

AND he's mind controlled for the privilege. We aren't capturing this Ethereal.

This makes the rest of the mission pretty moot.

Dabir drops the Sectopod to manageable levels.

"Stop smoking."

Garo's skills are legendary.

Flan deals with the Elites.

Dabir's reaction shot against the Sectood kills it but damages Pure and MMX in the process. This would have been so much easier if Alex could have been involved.

The rest of the UFO is cleaned up.

Pure heals up MMX because holy shit.

We still have three more opponents to face, however, we've only killed ten.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Garo dispatches both drones.

Alex doles out some hurt and hindrance.

The rest, as they say, is history. A simple conclusion to a fucking irritating mission. We return into a double cutscene special.



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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:43 am

We receive a Council mission a few days before SK is due to finish testing. This is one of the Progeny missions, the second to last one.

Team ready.

This mission is very interesting; it's a variation on the bomb disposal missions.

Taking place on a straight section of dam, this map is perfect for Alex.

To prevent the dam's collapse, we need to open up valves along the way. I like how they've done these, using them actually shows you're doing something, water starting shifting.

Two pitiful Mutons drop in, soon to drop out.

Like I say, very well done visually.

Thin Men present no problem.

A Mechtoid and a number of Sectoids might.

MMX is on point, so w-


Pure mindrapes it to death.

We bully the rest of the Sectoids into submission.

Since they all drop into Overwatch, Garo's Lightning Reflexes get a lot of use.

Eventually Pure will have used his abilities enough to advance in psychic experience.

There's the objective. All we have to do is walk on in.

Garo dodges four Overwatches in one movement. Fucker is untouchable.

We introduce some to explosives and soon after finish it all up.

"I'll be dammed."

Let's take a look at the truck.

This is Annette Durand; similar to Zhang in that she's a premade, more or less uncustomisable character, she's a powerful psychic, and, as it turns out, one of the unwitting pawns in the base defence mission. Through her and some of her compatriots, the aliens could mind control dozens of people at once.

Pure gets to choose between two new abilities; one defensive and one offensive. Since we don't tend to know what a panicked enemy will do, we'll go with Inspiration to bolster our troops.

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby Garoslaw » Sat Jun 14, 2014 7:49 am

I sort of wish there was a possibility of making that the images load after you click the spoil button.
Saves on the bandwidth you know?
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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:04 pm

Amongst the other rewards for the mission, Annette joins our force as a sergeant. She would turn out to be a guaranteed psychic if we needed her, but since we already have Pure and very likely SK already, she's useless.

Still, we'll assign her abilities just in case; I don't want to tempt fate.

As I suspected, SK is also psychic. This will be incredibly useful, especially since SK's aim is generally not that great.

Despite my original misgivings about giving MMX any particular powers, I must admit that the thought of a stealthed Assault is particularly attractive. As such, both Garo and MMX will receive Mimetic Skin immediately. Pure will, too, but we cannot afford to have too many people out of action, let alone the fact that we don't have that much in the way of Meld. Luckily, they're modified without event.

I've also decided to curtail the abductions. I'm launching satellites over Japan and Australia; by the end of the month, we will be able to prevent all major abductions occurring all around the world.

Until then, however, we have to deal with them as they come.

I'm going to recommend we head to Japan simply because it's a Very Difficult mission. I'm bored, let's rock it.

MMX gets gear that makes him look like he's learning to ride a bike.

Garo gets shoulder pads taken from an attack helicopter.

This is the team. Let's get to work.

Having the assaults stealthed means we can start thinking about much more subtle tactics. It is possible to go entire missions without letting the enemy take a single shot.

Mechtoid and Sectoid with no idea what's going to happen.

Running Garo into the middle reveals two squads of enemies, Mutons and a Cyberdisc. Normally this would be a massive problem, but Garo is cloaked, so it's less of an issue.

Mind you, his Close Combat Specialism still activates, meaning he gets an attack of opportunity.

The Mechtoid tries to box him in, but this won't work on Garo.

Alex supports him but taking down the shield.

Garo finishes it off.

Flan threatening the Mutons doesn't really work.

MMX now moves up to the same position Garo was in.

Pure uses his psychic powers to mindfray a Muton.

It really works!

Finish off with pistol.

MMX runs up, revealing the Cyberdisc.

Dabir activates Muton Elites and has to beat a hasty retreat.

Flan has terrible aim.

Dabir does not.

Alex does well to take the Cyberdisc down. He does nothing else of use during this mission, he's too far away.

Whoaaaa, MMX has targets.

Flan ensures some damage.

Dabir secures more Meld.

I accidentally click somewhere I don't want Garo to go; he's now in a high amount of danger.

The mine goes off and...

... Garo misses?

Fuck. Luckily he's otherwise untouched.

"Hit the road."

I test out Pure's inspiration, it seems like a bit of a rallying cry.

Garo and Flan take care of two enemies.

And MMX takes care of the third. That's a fucking crit chance right there. Garo's fine, no problems.

Pure's been promoted to Psi Operative! He gets to choose between a small defensive bubble and mind control. Mind Control every goddamn time.

I'm giving Pure Mimetic Skin; we just about have enough for that. We need a shitton more Meld, though, I want everyone not a MEC fully fabbed up.

But before he can emerge from the tanks, we have a landing. Looks like we'll be subbing for this one.

SK's with us today, hopefully he can help us out with the Sectopod in the mission.

These mission names are getting boring. I'll leave it there for today.

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:36 am

Welcome back. Supply ship mission. Gonna be a toughie, hopefully no enemies hiding in crates.

Room clear. Move up.

Garo spots the enemy as he goes to fetch Meld.

Subsequently locked in place by two Muton Elites; bollocks to them, SK can pop a rocket.

... where is SK?

Oh. This, uh, I didn't actually plan this; for some reason as we were trying to breach SK jumped onto the roof. Kinda had to roll with it.

12 damage each is not to be sniffed at.

I've put Flan behind the door so they can't come in.

Well, pretty clear where they are.

Garo clears the Floaters before they have a chance to worry us.

"Pouvez partir."

Putting Alex on the roof to let us deal with problems as they arise.

Dabir and Alex both contribute very usefully.

Oh, man, it's gotta happen again.

"Nous sommes fini."

SK can kill a Heavy Floater with his mind.

Dabir takes the high ground.

I'm getting Alex to weaken the other Floaters to let the rest of the sqaud kill them. Loads of enemies will swamp a Double Tap sniper. This is why I kinda want a second one up and running as soon as possible.

At the very least, though, he's normally a guaranteed kill every turn for everything but Sectopods.

Killed a bitch.

Not much, but it's all we got.

A miss. Oh, well.

Dabir takes damage, then deals more.

A cyberdisc joins us. Shitlord.

Still, Dabir's shot is not bad at all, and with his two shots in one turn, he kills it outright. The drones don't bother us long.

WHOA. At least we have both assaults ready and waiting this time.



I am so glad Garo has the reflexes to save himself.

MMX doesn't have it good enough, I'm not satisfied yet.

This'll help, though.

Not a bad set of results.

That's better.

Aaaand that's a lot harder, now.

Cover is better than nothing.

Well, this should pretty much guarantee a one turn kill as well as kill both drones, but it'll damage the two assaults. I'm not too concerned, we seem to be okay.

Moving people out of harm's way for when the thing explodes.

Alex can contribute this turn, freeing up everyone else to carry on as they were.

It's down.

Looks like we blew a hole in the ship. Perhaps it'll be useful.

Muton Elite and Ethereal duck for cover.

Hit 'em with the old one-two.

Hello, there.

Man Jackson's mind controlled!!

It's up to MEGAMAN to save him.

That is not a happy Ethereal.

Oh, and that was a free action.

Victory. No injuries sustained.

I'm going to research the device we captured; it'll only take a day and it'll unlock the last of the facilities we must build.

In essence, this is the most powerful thing we've ever come across. We need to be ready.

And we need the Gollop Chamber. It's named after one of the original creators of X-COM, David Gollop. Interesting name, Gollop.



We can also now start researching the Psi Armour, specifically designed for the psionic troops. It boosts their will by 30 and gives them a modicum of defence for free. An interesting set.

I'm also building a mind shield or two; these improve defensive actions against psychic attacks.

The Psi armour is complete. We're basically ready.

We only really need one set for this.

Pure doesn't look all that different, but trust me, it makes the battle to come so much easier.

I've also given Pure the Mind Shield, further boosting his will to a total of 151.

One more genetic modification to make him literally psychically untouchable and we're good to go.

In fact, I'm going to put all of the other non-mechs in, too. Fuck it, let's make sure we're good to go.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

We're not sending anything near an A-team to this one, but I doubt we'll have much trouble.

Buuuurn, baby, burn!

Already there are too many bugs to squash.

"Buggin' out."

We're getting through this pretty well. Mostly Chryssalids.

Properly nailing these fucks.

Ouch, that looks like it might leave a mark.

Rapid fucked.

We know there's a bug there, Flan's guaranteeing its death.

Hey, a zombie. Dumb bastard.

Kin killed it so hard.

Well, shit. Time to kill it fast.

IE hits well.

Dabir's untouchable.

We're bullying this poor robot.

Miraculously, it misses Dabir and Dabir hits it back successfully.

Flan's less lucky, but she kills it.

Dabir wins us the mission.


The genetic modifications are completed.

I'm giving MMX the cheap version; it seems more like him: spiteful but ultimately not really of that much consequence.

And the Gollop Chamber is complete. We're nearly there. Gollop.

And making them do fancy dance moves.

There's not long left. We can do the final mission in the next month. The end is in sight.

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:04 am

Pure and Kin are running together. Kin never stops fucking running.

Alright, let's get this show on the road.

Perfect month.

Takes us nine days to get to a situation that we need to respond to. This is the last mission we do before the final one. Since it's small, I'll send the Firestorm with the EMP cannon to take it down.

One shot, one kill.

Back to the A-team. After this mission, I will be giving legs to everyone who needs them; Pure, Garo and MMX.


A farmhouse and surrounding field for this mission. Classic USA style country map.

Pure's movement distance is unparalleled. He's now got Mimetic Skin to boot, so after all that he can't be seen.

He also spots a Mechtoid/Commander pair in the barn for us. We have two Assaults on the roof. They won't know what hit 'em.

However, they make their way out the side and surprise Dabir.

MMX is on hand.

Dabir finishes what he started.

Meanwhile, Pure's found the enemy ship.

He uses a psychic war cry to boost his own Will; I intend to try to Mind Control either the Ethereal or the Muton Elite within.

Garo can just about see an enemy squad from here, so I'm putting him right in the thick of things.

It pays off; he gets two close combat shots off at the Mutons. An excellent start.





MMX and Flan hit a Muton with an old Proximity Mine one-two.

Dabir finishes it off.

And Garo finishes the last Elites in that squad.

The Muton bodyguard of the Ethereal is hella confused, and tries to attack it, but the Ethereal's most fearsome defensive trait occurs, reflecting part of the damage of the attack back at the Muton.

Now we have it, I'm not actually sure what to do with it.

Psi Lance is the primary attack of the Ethereal; a standard psychic projectile with a chance to do more damage if the target fails a Will test. Mind Control is the second ability, but since the Ethereal is already paired with something, it cannot go again. Psi Drain is another ability that the Ethereal has that sucks away health from an allied mind-linked target to heal it. It also has Mindfray...

... and Rift. This is a special ability that will deal damage inversely proportional to the target's Willpower. As an area of effect ability, it's perhaps the most powerful in the game.

I'll be trying to severely damage the Ethereal in the process of this attack so as to weaken it for when it comes to.


And it does additional damage it targets stay in the area of the Rift next turn. Not a bad haul.

We're just surrounding this Ethereal so it will die the moment it stops doing what we tell it to.

Or I guess we could just skip the theatrics and kill it.

Great work all round.

Right. Pure, MMX and Garo all get new legs, then we should be ready to take the final mission on.

Oh, come on, why?

Fuck it, I'm not going to do it. I can't be arsed.

Right. Everything is ready.

I'm going to award the last two medals to our A-team.

To Garo, we award the I've Got This Fucker Pin'd.

It was hard deciding the recipient of the Show Me A War'd Face, but in the end, I decided that for his invaluable service, I would nominate Alex for this honour.

And... that's it. Crank the gears into action.

Out for lunch. Return uncertain.

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:39 pm

The game knows exactly what's happening. This is the end.

Only the one soldier capable at the moment.


All it takes is a psi armour suit for the condition to complete. Any soldier can therefore be the Volunteer. We'll take Pure because his aim is just better and we need a medic.

It's time.

This is our only objective now. It's death or glory.

Even Mission Control prevents us from manually scanning.

Here goes nothing.

The team we're sending.

Bradley has nothing to say here. We know what we've got to do.

"Long have we watched… and waited. So many promising subjects, so many failed efforts. And now, after untold trials, the New One emerges to face the rigors of our collective… An enduring physical form, paired with an equally adept mental capacity – the rarest of traits, finally within our grasp."

Throughout the deployment, the Ethereals speak psychically to the Volunteer, giving us snippets of information. Pointless, but interesting. Playing this mission benefits from equal measures of patience and speed. Enemies teleport in at predetermined times, but it's important to kill everything fast.

Split up into distinct areas, there are lots of ways in which you can tackle positioning and placement in this map.

This mission is a sort of gauntlet of most of the enemies encountered in the game. The only exceptions are Seekers and Outsiders.

Mimetic skin helps so, so much. It's the best genetic modification you can get, hands down.

Dabir spooks the Sectoids. The Commander is fuckin. hitstain.

Dabir's hit chance isn't spectacular either.

Still, a fantastic kill, there.

Flan's found two more, totalling four Sectoids. Pitiful.

This phase is clearly the easiest warmup.

"Another attempt, this one inspired. Two subjects, each with a glaring weakness – brought together in the hopes of a symbiotic strength. And yet, this newfound power left them devoid of higher thought. Lacking in comprehension. Another… useless effort."

Cyberdiscs aren't usually a problem this late in the game, and they won't transpire to be here.

This is primarily because the Volunteer becomes the most powerful psychic of the human race. Pure gains access to the incredible power of the Rift which, as we saw last mission, has amazing potential for damage.

"It is as we hoped… the New One has surpassed all that have come before… and with such great confidence… so skilled with the Gift."

The other Cyberdisc squad isn't a problem.

Ready to breach the next room.

"The new one faces a great foe, and an equally great… disappointment. When their organic form failed to evolve… it was given the strength of a machine, creating this… merciless, fearless, killer… A fate worse than death."

Pure activates a pretty defunct Floater.

It's defunct because with MMX on the left and him on the right, we've outflanked them before they had a chance to respond.

And a new comrade would be useful.

The Heavy Floater has a Grenade that would be very, very useful against normal Floaters. It also means we can send it in for suicide runs.

It also has the Bombard ability, letting it throw grenades insanely far.

That's two Floaters down without any expenditure on the Squad's part.

Alex can stick his rifle up this Floater's bum.

Some Overwatch is a safety precaution, but nothing else.

"A curious endeavor… the search for the Gift in the most… unsavory of beings. They were little more than insects when their uplift began… And in their failure, became the most dangerous of predators… incapable of direction, understanding, they were deemed fit only to breed and die."

"Just like your master told you."

Leaving the Heavy Floater as bait. Would be nice to let them kill each other.

Wow, that's annoying.

Fine, be that way.

"Long was our search… and now… with success so close at hand, we witness the fruits of our endeavor…"

"A valiant effort… a being of intelligence and exceptional loyalty, easily adapted to serve our needs. Still, despite such great hopes… They were unable to embrace the Gift… Another wasted example."


MMX finds one last Thin Man and ends him.

I move Alex forwards under the guise of invisibility.

"Now… The New One confronts a greater threat - a rare strength, found in an easily controlled breed. And yet, they are incapable of brilliance, of independence… they will never be more than primitive warriors… serving only to fight, and die, as did those who came before them."

I've moved everyone but the MECs in. Let's see how this works.

That looks good.

"You're mine now."


"Au 'voir~!"

Dabir removes some cover.

Three Mutons fall.

I prep everyone for battle because I know what's in the next section.

"An artificial warrior… created to supplement the limitations of the many… failures. Crafted with a singular purpose… it ultimately contributes little to our cause. Still, there is hope, as the New One approaches…"

Double Sectopod power!

This is where the Suicide Berserker comes in.

We hunker everyone else down and wait.

RIP berserker

One turn's grace as the Sectopods move. Let's get 'em.

Disable one to cancel Overwatch.

Take a second shot anyway.

Not bad at all!

Move Garo to waste the second Overwatch.

Suppress the shit out of the active Sectopod.

Look at MMX's armpit.

Proximity Mine one-two.

Not bad.

Suppression's a good one. Time to initiate phase two.

Get Dabir to EMP them both.

Continue to damage, but avoid the kill.

Dabir retreats.

And Pure tears them to pieces. He has become Death, destroyer of worlds.

"The New One continues to surge… to prove that this was the worthy path, that we were justified in our efforts. This will bring about our redemption, and usher in our future…"

Couple of Muton Elites turn up just before the next room.

We put MMX right next to them. This'll be fun.

And of course, Alex can see them both.

Dabir takes some damage but is ready to shrug it off. He deals more than he gets.

But Alex misses for what feels like the first time. Fucking hell.

Dabir does the job for him. Pull yourself together, mate.

We find the last Muton cowering.

Garo makes it useless.

Then executes it.

We get everyone together for a last breather.

Pure gives a little bit of hope to everyone.

"No retreat, no surrender!"

Time to move. Splitting the action here so that we start a new page.

Out for lunch. Return uncertain.

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:45 pm

And here we go.

Meet the Uber Ethereal. The most dangerous enemy in the game, with the highest will of any enemy.

And it's got friends.

... wait a minute.

Wait a cotton-pickin' minute.






... but now what?

Colonel Pure "PS Vita" Question. Saviour of the Earth. We honour his sacrifice and that of his companions: Colonel Alex "Nightmare" Mdle, Colonel Dabir "Bull" MAN JACKSON, Colonel Flandre "Richter" Scarlet, Colonel Garoslaw "Cowboy" Bebop and Colonel Gradiusuira "D.O.A." MMXpert.


It's over. It's all over. Thank you for sticking with me for this. It's been a pleasure.

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Re: XCOM: UFF Defence

Postby ShadowSpectre » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:25 am

"... not your path! Not your purpose!"

Out for lunch. Return uncertain.

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