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Postby dracmeister » Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:06 pm


You are a bunch of highly advanced, genetically engineered soldiers.
Just like the rest of everyone in the army.
What makes this batch special? You all contain an experimental improved genome from the standard template.
This makes you faster, stronger and smarter than any of your counterparts.

This is their(yours) story.


-1. Statistics-
HP: Hit points. If this drops to 0 you are immobilized(not dead) for the rest of the combat scenario.
Unless, someone can resurrect you. If the combar scenario is over, your are resurrected
with the stats you had previously, but with 1 HP.
HP/s: Regeneration. Every other cycle even in a non-combat scenario, you recover this amount of health.
You can boost this by applying skill points and certain items.
Certain status conditions can de-boost this.
DP: Defense points. Resistance to general damage.
Damage calculation would revolve around subtracting this to the overall damage.
However this can be overrided depending on the damage type used on the Armor.
AD: Range. This indicates the range of each weapon equipped.
AM: Ammo. Indicates ammunition of each weapon before it is Reloaded.
MOV: Movement Range. Indicates the amount of spaces you can move to in a combat scenario.

-2. Equipment-
Primary Weapon: This is the default weapon you attack with.
Secondary Weapon: This another weapon you can switch out to.
Tertiary Weapon: The third weapon you can switch out to.
Armor: This is the kind of protection you are wearing.
Inventory Items: These are miscellaneous items/equipment you keep in your satchel.
You can store up to 10 items here.

-3. Non-Combat Scenario-
You are free to do any action you desire so long as its successful via dice roll.
There will be actions with fixed results however.

-4. Combat Scenario-
Your actions are limited to:

Move: Change your position in the combat zone's spaces
Attack: Attack with any(but not all) of your currently equipped Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Weapons.
Item: Use items from your satchel. You can also equip other weapons on the flight of battle.
Reload: Reloads one equipped weapon. Weapon is unusable until reloading is finished.
Ability: If your character has a special ability, then you can use it.

Throwable Items: These can items can be thrown with a certain distance(marked
bright orange). These can range to be any of your weapons or inventory items.

You can do 3 of any combination of these actions per turn cycle.

Auto: If an operative takes too long to respond to his turn, an automatic sequence of actions
will be executed. Whether it be generated by me, or by the others who'd already cast their turn.

Combat Interface:
Navigation Grid - indicates where an operator can move.

Attack Grid - indicates where an operator can engage a target.

-5. Items-
Can be weapons, armor and general inventory items one can use anytime.
Items will have various properties, that will be further elaborated once acquired.

-6. Damage and Armor-

Concussive - Effective against exposed flesh and relatively light armor.
Explosive - Effective against heavy armor. Ignores thin walls.
Armor Piercing - Effective against any physical type of armor, penetrates thin walls, multiple targets.
For every penetrated wall/target, it cuts the damage by 1/3.
Laser - Effective against energy-type armors. Horrible against medium to heavy armor.


-Character Creation-


Choose a Class:

You all have 3 skill points to spend.

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