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Post by Arcane~Soul »

If I'm correct we used to have a board where we could put up requests and someone could accept them, separate from the ideas, and much easier than asking everyone around to do it.....
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Arcane~Soul wrote:
I request a trampoline exploding into marshmallows covered in barbecue sauce and almonds that want to eat your SOULLLLL.....

Infinity's End wrote:
Almond demons?

Almond demons :epicV:

Looking for people who can create my bosses that I can't do, collab with me, etc.
PM me if interested, DON'T if you aren't.

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Re: Requests

Post by Aquamancia »

I recall it having one, despite the fact that not many people used it... :p
But it would help tremendously if people wanted to request other people (excluding me) stuff to blow up.

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