Current Staff and Ranks

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Current Staff and Ranks

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Here is a list of current staff and ranks on the forum. If you have a question, if the list is not up to date, or if you find an error in the list please PM a staff member about it.

Administrators - The Doctor, AlexMdle, Dabir
These users Administrate the forum. They have all forum powers.

Global Moderators - PureQuestion, Xeilumardrox, Zaxmillian
These users Moderate the forum. They can edit posts, ban users, and sticky and lock topics.

Retired Staff - Aquamancia, CoreShooter°, Dr. Roboevil, Ex-Rumia, Infinity's End, Kamui OS, Kin, MrLRG, Kohuded, Old Uncle Walrus, ShadowSpectre, SnipeHeart
These users used to be staff members but have been either demoted, inactive, or resigned from their position.

VIP Members - AdviceDog, Eboshidori, TheBlueEcho
These users have done something very important or helpful for the site or forum.

A user who has been banned from the forum.

Regular Member
A member of the forum.

Post Based Ranks
Normal User - 0 Posts
Fraxy Beginner - 10 Posts
Fraxy Addict - 50 Posts
Advanced Fraxian - 100 Posts
Pwn Fraxian - 300 Posts
Elite Fraxian - 500 Posts
Fraxy God - 1000 Posts
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